Anyone know anything about growing bamboo plants?

I like to keep a bamboo plant in my bedroom, for decoration, but it keeps becoming dry and brown. I started out with one that had many branches and leaves, but I had to cut some of them off because they became dry and they were pretty much dead. So I downsized to a smaller bamboo plant, but this new one is starting to die out too. What’s the best way to keep a bamboo plant nice and green? I feed it water, but maybe I don’t feed it enough? How often should you water it? Thanks a lot in advance for your answers!

I suspect that what you have is a Lucky Bamboo plant which is not actually a bamboo at all but Draceana sanderiana. It is very sensitive to chlorine and other chemicals in tap water so this could be the problem. Use bottled or distilled water instead.

Sometimes the green leaves fade if it isn’t getting enough light. Move it nearer bright light but not direct light or the leaves may scorch.

You can actually grow it in a vase filled with pebbles and 1" water in the bottom. If in soil keep the soil moist but not soaking.

Brown leaves can also be caused by the air being too dry. Spraying regularly with non-tap water will increase the humidity. Alternatively, if the plant is in soil, stand the pot on damp pebbles in a saucer. Hope this helps. Good luck!

What’s the best type of yarn for knitting stuffed animals?

It has to be washable and soft. And not that expensive. As in the price range of 1-7 dollars. Giving the brand of yarn would help too. I considered bamboo yarn but then its kinda expensive.

Basic worsted weight acrylic yarn is best with a washable wool or wool blend second. Acrylic worsted is inexpensive, washable, soft, comes in a whole bunch of colors and it’s easy to work with. Your local Michael’s craft stores will have several brands of acrylic yarn -as will WalMart the dollar store, and more. Also washable wool yarn is a good choice. Here’s Michael’s yarn selection:,default,sc.html and here are a few yarns I have personally worked with:—Solids/nw0489,default,pd.html?cgid=products-yarnandneedlecrafts-yarn a good basic knitting yarn for animals, afghans, crafts and more. Red heart Super saver is the yarn I use for most of my crafty stuff.,default,pd.html?cgid=products-yarnandneedlecrafts-yarn another very inexpensive yarn -best for large projects that need a lot of yarn.,default,pd.html?cgid=products-yarnandneedlecrafts-yarn an excellent basic wool yarn. This yarn has been around for over 75 years -it’s really that nice. I use it for mitts, scarves, crocheted animals and more. This and the super saver are the two yarns I use the most.
This yarn is bulkier but still a good economical yarn:,default,pd.html?cgid=products-yarnandneedlecrafts-yarn

What is the best art program to buy?

I just bought a bamboo tablet, but I want to start drawing. I not only want to draw, but I want to animate as well. A lot of people suggested Paint Tool Sai but I noticed that the program doesn’t come with all the brushes even if I bought it. I’m not sure what to buy that would be good for not only drawing, but for animation.

For painting try Painter,
Corel Painter 12

for illustration try Illustrator,
Adobe – Illustrator CC

for animation try Flash
Adobe – Flash CC

Autodesk SketchBook Pro
portalgraphics openCanvas
Pixarra : TwistedBrush
Systemax PaintTool SAI
Rainbow Painter

Japan Update 2: Bamboo Garden

This update takes place in a beautiful bamboo garden in the MOA Museum of Art in Atami, Japan. In this video I talk about the Sunday I spent with my host family and various other things.

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Shizuoka Bamboo Crafts – Kusuyama Store

Crafting Process of the Bamboo items made in Shizuoka Japan

This products are 100% handmade. Unique crafts that require a skill that only 2 families have in the world. This crafts has been recognized for its quality by the Japanese Imperial Family.

Duration : 0:3:17

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Bamboo Craft, Artwork of Bamboo, Bamboo art of Konkan – Travel Themes

Travel themes is a company founded by a group of young professionals committed to introduce ‘Experiential tourism’, based on Community living and experience sharing as a tourism product in India, for the first time.

Duration : 0:0:55

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What will last the longest (garden screening) bamboo, willow, reed or brushwood?

we want to put some screening up ( we have unsightly fencing!!!) but want to know what the best option is for the screening you find in gardening shops and the like….. we want it to last, provide privacy) any advice well received xx also, where is the cheapest place to get it??????
we are in Greater Manchester..


Is Wacom Bamboo One Small drawing tablet good enough for making a Manga?

Me and my friend are planning to participate in an international manga competition organized by ShonenJump. And I wanted to do it on some software using a Drawing tablet. I looked up on the Internet and Wacom Bamboo One Small is the only Wacom Tablet that I can afford at this moment. So I wanted to know if it is good enough for making a manga. And if there’s some other tablet in the same price range as the Wacom Bamboo One Small, but with more features, I am ready to buy that one instead. Any help would be appreciated.

Bamboo Manga Pen & Touch
this version is small, 147 x 92 mm (5.7 by 3.6 inch)

so by their own recommendations, it is ok for drawing comic manga art,

ShonenJump manga competition

Manga Studio Debut
MangaLabo Comic Illustration portalgraphics

DELETER CG illust2.0

CELSYS > ComicStudio

AzDrawing & AzPainter2

Neko Paint Cute

PaintStar wang zhenzhou